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Detecting and Preventing iGaming Fraud

A large part of the profit of any iGaming site depends on the magnewsworld ability to detect and prevent gambling fraud. SEON has sophisticated software and a dedicated fraud analyst team to combat the threat. Still, fraudsters are constantly developing new and creative ways to cheat the system. One such scheme is multiple account fraud, whereby fraudsters create numega dozens or even hundreds of fake accounts to facilitate a wide range of fraudulent activities.

To combat this issue, SEON has craftymagazines partnered with DevCode Identity, a leading identity platform. The two companies will use the SEON platform to monitor customer data. DevCode will gather all customer information, including their digital footprint and social media profiles. As a result, merchants will be able to wean out accounts that are not legitimate.

PJ Walsh is a well-known name in the anti-fraud community, and his vitlink mission to empower businesses to tackle online fraud aligns perfectly with the mission of SEON. A fraud analyst by trade, Walsh worked on the front lines of the fight against fraud, and has a wealth of experience in this justspine area. In addition, he has served as a board member for the nonprofit Marketplace Risk, which is dedicated to the protection of marketplace startups.