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Examples of Cheating in Sports

One of the most famous examples of cheating in sports is when an athlete uses performance-enhancing drugs. These drugs have a variety of side effects and can increase a person’s ability to compete, and the widespread use of these drugs has made the fight against doping in sports an ongoing issue. There are many types of doping, and some are difficult to detect. For instance, some endurance athletes use blood transfusions to increase the amount of red blood cells in their bodies.

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Athletes may also cheat because they want to win. In the world of basketball, players sometimes deliberately foul opponents near the end of the game to prevent the opponent from running down the clock and gaining odisha discom an advantage. While such practices are often considered cheating, they are not actually illegal. They are simply strategic uses of the rules. In professional soccer, players will often intentionally commit a foul in order to prevent a counter-attack, but the practice is rarely considered cheating.
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Another example of cheating in sports involves betting on a game. In 1951, the New York Giants had a complicated system for stealing pitcher signs. The system involved a telescope in center field and a buzzer to alert players. The strategy resulted in the Giants winning the 1951 National League pennant.