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Weather is a mix of events in our atmosphere that change from minute to minute. It can have a wide variety of effects on people. While there are many different types of weather, most of them happen in the troposphere, the portion of the atmosphere nearest to the ground. The weather is influenced by six factors, each of which can change at any given time.

The troposphere is the lowest part of the atmosphere, extending from the surface to around six to eight km at the poles, and from about 17 km at the equator. This is the area of the atmosphere where most clouds develop and precipitation occurs lifestylefun. Other parts of the atmosphere influence weather conditions, including the atmosphere over large bodies of water tv bucetas.

Extreme weather events such as hurricanes, blizzards, droughts, and earthquakes can have severe effects on people and nature. They can disrupt economic activities and even cause the transmission of diseases. Flooding and heavy rainfall can damage crops, buildings, roads, and other structures partyguise. They can also kill people and livestock. Although these weather events are usually predictable, they can be very devastating to a community. There are several resources available to educate people about these events.

Children and teachers can learn about spicecinemas weather through a wide range of media. Weather videos, handouts, and interactive activities help students learn about the different types of weather. The Weather Video PowerPoint is especially helpful if students learn through visuals. This PowerPoint introduces different types of weather and how they can affect us.